The Fallout 2 Restoration Project v2.3

Supplementary Guide for killap's expansion pack

This page is an unauthorized addendum for "The Nearly Ultimate Fallout 2 Guide" which was written by Per Jorner.

Only new information about changes and additions specific to killap's Restoration Project Mod is included here.
Please refer to Per's walkthrough above for everything else.

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  • Klamath
  • The Den
  • Modoc
  • Vault City
  • Gecko
  • Raiders
  • Broken Hills
  • Redding
  • New Reno
  • Sierra Army Depot
  • NCR
  • San Francisco
  • Navarro
  • Enclave
  • EPA
  • Umbra Tribe
  • Abbey
  • Vault Village
  • Slaver's Camp
  • Random Encounters

  • Interactive world map.

  • iii. Klamath:

    The interior door of Vic's shack is locked and trapped. To find and disarm the trap, there's a traps skill roll. This is (probably) equal to your current traps skill level, so with skill 20 you would have a 20% chance of success. To open the door, the chance is your skill level -30%. Therefore, you need over 30 in lockpicking to even have a small chance of opening it. You can obviously try as many times as you want, until you get a critical failure and jam the lock. Stealing a molotov cocktail from Aldo, the drunken town greeter, and throwing it at the door is a viable alternative if all else fails.

    1. Figure out who is rustling the Brahmin.

    Talk to Maida Buckner and ask about what's going on in town. She'll mention that someone is rustling Brahmin. Next, accept Torr's job to help him guard the Brahmin or do the shady work for the Dunton brothers. It doesn't matter which one as the important part is to check the shack and collect the Radscorpion limbs as evidence from the grazing area.

    When you have the scorpion limbs you can go and report to Ardin Buckner, but she'll just tell you she needs more evidence. To find more you can go over to examine (binocular icon) the Brahmins behind the Dunton's place. Thers is a perception roll check here and if you don't make it you can keep trying until you do. Anyway, you will notice they have different markings that someone has branded over. With the 2 clues, you can now prove the Duntons were rustling and collect a reward (300xp or $150). It doesn't really matter in what order you do things, you can even kill the Duntons first and then start the quest (though you must find the scorpion limbs before you can report the rebranded brahmins).
    Note: Once you have proven the brothers guilt and leave the Klamath map, they will be gone forever.

    *You can also confront the Duntons about the evidence you found, as long as you haven't reported the rebranded brahmins to Ardin yet. You need a speech of at least 51% to get the option to do so peacefully (250xp). If you fail they will turn hostile and you will have to fight them. Keeping that in mind, you might want to confront them while you're on the grazing area map or in their home, because if you are in the Golden Gecko and that happens, all the people there will turn hostile as well. Once you have confronted them, they will no longer talk to you.
    Note: Before the whole town except for the Golden Gecko would go hostile, this has now been switched around.

    2. An alternate way to kill the rat god.
    A new solution to an old quest. 4 of the wooden support beams near where Keeng Ra'at is usually found will display the 'use' icon when you examine them. Placing an explosive near one of these supports will collapse part of the cave. You get 600xp for doing this instead of 300xp for killing him in a fight. Be sure to get the car part and the hidden pistol first because these areas will be blocked off after the collapse.

    v. The Den:

    'Petey' is a druggie that shows up in a forced encounter asking for money. Giving him some cash ($5) will raise your karma 1 point. This only works the first time, so don't bother giving him more. (You don't lose karma by refusing.)
    1. Find a way to get the orphans off the street.

    This quest begins by talking to the poor kid, Bobby, in the SW of Den Residential who lives with his abusive father. If you listen to his story and feel sorry for him, you'll find out that Mom is the one who could help. Go talk to Mom. She'll tell you there is a big building in the residential area that would make a good orphanage, but it's full of squatters that need to be taken care of. You can kill the squatters (500xp), get them to leave peacefully (750xp), or, make a deal with them to help out at the orphanage in return for room and board (1000xp). The latter 2 options seem to take Speech skill higher than 80%, so save your game and try a few times. Tell Mom the squatters are out. She'll say to return in a few days and the orphanage will be set up - meaning no more thieving little beggars in front of every door. (You must actually visit the orphanage for the thieving children to stop appearing.)

    Also, stop by and see how little Bobby is doing. You'll receive an extra 500xp for helping him find a better life.

    2. Return Anna's locket.
    This is not a new quest, only a new item. The diary is found in the bookshelf behind Anna (the one with a shovel lying in front of it). Looking at it in inventory will give you the clues needed to solve Anna's quest (if you didn't already know), then 'Use' the diary for 100xp.
    3. Help Lara attack Tyler's gang.

    This is another original quest that has changed. Instead of having to fight all of the gang at once, you only have to fight some of them at the church. After that battle is over, Lara will ask you to go with her to the party in Den Residential and fight the rest of the gang. You can take time to rest and heal first, but you cannot get out of finishing the job. You will then need to go back to the church to talk to Lara and receive payment.

    * It is now possible to enter the BOS bunker here, after you have delivered the vertibird plans to Matthew in San Francisco. There's a locker in there containing a brotherhood armor, a combat shotgun, some ammo and meds.

    vi. Modoc:

    There are no changes to the plot or quests here, but something else that is new because of the Restoration Project, and this is the first (maybe the only) location where it is likely to happen.

    As killap mentions in the RP read me, your character, and NPCs can now take damage from the outhouse explosion and/or falling through the trap at the Ghost Farm. While this may not be immediately apparent*, if you suddenly notice that you are unable to run, or that your NPC characters are avoiding combat, it is a good chance that someone has a crippled limb. And if you pay attention, your NPCs will actually complain when they are suffering broken limbs now.

    Unlike hit points, crippled limbs do not heal over time. You will need doctor skill in order to solve this problem, as first aid will not help. If your doctor skill is low, you can try it several times and hope to be successful. The doctors bag will help also. If not, then you will need to find a doctor (maybe Vault City) that can heal the broken limbs.

    *As of now there are two new crippled messages appearing on screen, just like "addicted" or "level". The new ones say "Crippled" and "NPC Crippled", so now you have no excuse for not knowing.

    viii. Vault City:

    1. Resolve the problem with the nearby village.

    Once you finish exploring around Gecko and scouting the route to NCR, Sgt. Stark will put this village on your map and ask you to go kill the mole rats there. Kill all the mole rats and report back to Stark (for 800xp + kills and $750). It has to be done within a month after you get the quest or the villagers will all be taken away and enslaved by Vault City (the quest will be scratched off when you talk to Stark again).

    If you instead talk to a resident you'll learn that the mole rats are the only reason Vault City hasn't invaded to take them all prisoner. There is a better and more peaceful way of solving the problem (worth 1000xp). It's very intertwined with the first quest for the Vault Village, so it will be covered there instead.

    * Cassidy now has a talking head thanks to 'Continuum' and is excellently voiced by 'Dravean', if you chose those options in the RP installer.

    ix. Gecko:

    You can provoke an Enclave vertibird assault by using the computer in the reactor. This must be done before anything else you choose to do with the reactor. The commands to enter are:

    a. Action:
    b. Some kind of network . . .
    c. Access Codes, X, Y, Z
    d. List other stations
    e. [more]
    f. Everything is shut down except for the ENCLAVE . . .

    He can't see you, so have as much fun with the talking head as you please. He will send a team to find you anyway. The encounter should happen shortly after you leave Gecko, but might be random. You can try to talk your way out, (speech skill greater than 85%) or fight them.

    If you chose to install the new Lenny model, here is where you will find it. It looks good, but I choose not to use it for two reasons. First, he now uses rifles instead of pistols and submachine guns, and secondly, he has no running animations. That means he's real slow, always falling behind. Also, if you give him a radioactive drink he will start to glow, and if you give him a radaway he will stop (this also works with the old Lenny model).

    x. Raiders:

    The Raiders base is now impossible to find except for two ways:

    a. Get the map from Bishop's safe. (You need to 'use' it from inventory.)

    b. Exit Vault City to the world map on foot sometime between 18:00 and 6.00, and you have a chance of spotting the raiders. The higher outdoorsman the better, but since you can enter/exit until you get it, you don't need a very high skill (31% is minimum and with 40% you should make it in 10 tries at least). You have to have talked to Sergeant Stark about the raiders before this option becomes available.

    When you choose to follow the raiders, there is another outdoorsman check to decide which entrance to the raiders you get. One is through a cave (bad) and one through a well (good). Again, you don't need a high outdoorsman skill, but it will give you a better chance for getting to the well entrance.
    (If you choose the second option to find the Raiders base, you will have to leave your car behind and walk back to wherever you left it.)

    Only when you enter through the well can you end the raider threat peacefully. Climb down and sneak to the tribal "Shadow Who Walks" and talk to him. Convince him to stop working for the raiders. (3000xp and 15 karma)
    You can also threaten him instead and tell him to run out of the Raiders camp, for 2500xp and 15 karma.

    If you leave after talking to "Shadow Who Walks" the raiders will all leave and there will only be containers to loot.

    xi: Broken Hills:

    1. Determine whether Chad is skimming money from the caravan runs.

    You get this task by talking to Marcus. Go talk to the caravan guards and find Max, the only guy in green armor. Max will say that he knows Chad is guilty, and keeps accurate records of it in his house. If you confront Chad at this point, he will deny everything. Talk more with Max and it turns out that he designed the complicated lock on the door, and tells you how to unlock it. Chad's house is on the far end on the E side of town. Unlock the door and check the desk for a briefcase.

    If your perception is less than 7 or, your intelligence is 4 or lower, Chad will appear behind you while you search through his drawer. After a short conversation he will turn hostile. He seems to be a wuss though (if you are wearing anything better than leather he is likely to run away). If you look in the drawer again after the fight you'll find the briefcase there.

    Once you have the briefcase, there are 2 ways to complete the quest. You can confront Chad with the evidence and blackmail him. He'll pay $1000 for you to let him get out of town and you get 750xp. The other way is to tell Marcus. You won't get the money, but you'll get 1500xp instead. If you want to blackmail Chad you have two chances. First you must pass a speech check (skill -15%), fail that and you get another speech roll (skill -35%).

    *You can now tell Marcus about the NCR scientist's mutant experiments. If you have already recruited him, you can still tell him about it as long as you are in Broken Hills. Marcus will thank you and tell you he'll never forget, with minor XP reward. The caravan run to NCR will get canceled for fear of poisoned goods.

    *Marcus now has a new line unlocked for when you have found the tunnels but not yet found the dead bodies (nothing major, just flavor).

    *If you have the gas mask from the EPA, it will protect you from the damaging gas in the mine.

    *If you are playing with the NPC Armor Mod installed, you can obtain a Kevlar Armor for Dogmeat here. Talk to Liz in the hardware store and ask her if she has something special off the shelves. She will set you up for a mere $2000, but only if you have the dog in your party. Talk to Dogmeat to put it on or off. When Dogmeat is fully leveled up and is wearing the armor, he will have the equivalent protection of a combat armor, with a little bit better laser resistance.

    *There is no one with Combat armor in Broken Hills. For those that need additional help finding Max, he is the one wearing green-looking leather armor, standing right outside near the back door, and the ONLY person in that area that is NOT wearing black leather.

    xii. Redding:

    Cure Fannie of her jet addiction (not available to female characters).

    Fannie Mae is a 'hostess' working in the Malamute Saloon. After you pay for her services, ($60) she will tell you a sad story and ask for even more money to pay off a debt she owes. If you give her the $200 she wants, Lou will tell you that you are not helping Fannie any because she is addicted to Jet. Once you get the Jet Antidote from Dr. Troy in Vault City (or San Francisco), you can ask Lou to slip it into Fannies drink. This will earn you 1000xp.

    To make Fannie OD, do the same things as above, until you give Fannie the $200. After that talk to her again and she will tell you she needs even more money. If you give her the $150 she asks for she will eventually OD. Leave the map and when you come back Fannie Mae is gone. Talk to Lou and she tells you you're an "idjit", but nothing else happens.

    xiii. New Reno:

    *The 'Barking man' is a new character that you can help. If you find and talk to him (located in the very back of the building that is northwest of Jules, see picture), you can determine that he has a case of epilepsy if you have 75 science. See the EPA section on how to help him.

    *'Three-Card Monte' is also a new character that can be found near the big sign between Virgin street and Second street. You can gamble with him (but he cheats). He can also give you information about the Richard Wright OD, Pretty Boy Lloyd, Your missing car, Eldridge, and the location of Golgotha. He will sell you information, 100-200$ for info on Eldridge and $250-$1000 for quest related stuff (harder speech check the lower you offer him). There is another way though. He cheats at cards so why not cheat him back? Steal his deck of cards and replace it with a marked deck, or simply buy his deck and sell him your marked one (100xp). Marked cards can be found on a shelf upstairs at the Desperado or dug up from one of the northern graves at Golgotha. After you've won 11 times (and are $200 richer), he won't be able to pay you his debt, so you can get information for free (only once).
    To ask him for quest info, you have to have the quests active. Also, you can only get the info for free at the time you have beaten him, you can't come back later and ask for it.
    If you buy info from Monte, that money gets added to his gambling pot. So you can just buy all the info and then win your money back.
    Note: Once you have cleaned him out, he will not gamble with you anymore, even if you buy info from him.

    *'Nikki' is another new character that can be found in Salvatore's casino in the back room. She knows where Pretty Boy Lloyd is hiding. You can bribe her into telling you for 500$. This is what he owes her for her part in the scam. You get 250xp. If you threaten her, she only tells you she's heard he's staying at the Desperado, but won't say he's in the boiler room and you get no xp. There is a speech check, but I don't think it's very high.

    *At the Shark Club (Bishop's casino), female characters can now dance, and male characters can now be a comedian, and get paid for it: $300 every time and 150xp the first time for Male comedian. (CH 8, or speech 76, or have the smooth talker perk to tell a good joke. A bad joke gives no reward.) $250-350 (it seems to vary) every week and 150xp the first time as a female dancer. (CH 7, AG 7, or being a porn star.)
    Black leather and/or the ball gag are items that have a slight effect on dancing. If you're feeling adventurous, try it out.

    *Old Man McGee is the guy standing in front of a slot machine in the Shark Club. If you play his machine and hit the jack pot, he will get angry and demand that you give him the winnings, or he'll attack. If you don't have CH 9, the Good natured trait, or speech over 35, you won't get the chance to talk your way out of the situation. Your only option will be to fight. You can give him the money for +10 karma, or convince him to accept half of the money for +5 karma, and he will be happy. If you choose to talk about it, you'll have to pass two fairly easy speech checks before having to pay him some money back, but better to skip those and offer him the money right away. He will always accept $500 (or $250 if you pass a barter check). If you fail any of his skill checks he will attack
    Note: You have to first offer the money you won, before you can choose what amount to give back.

    Doing some repairing and cleaning on McGee's slot machine gives you 50xp, or if you get a critical_success you get 100 xp. It can only be done once, so if you fail you get nothing. You can still do the repair on it after you've won, even though it supposedly is broken beyond repair by then. Oh well...

    *During the desert transaction between the Salvatores and the Enclave, it is now possible to sneak aboard the Vertibird. It will take you to Navarro. See the Navarro section for more details.

    *Going on a date with Miss Kitty now gives +1 AG if you successfully asked her out before the end of the game. The date will not happen until you come back from the Oil rig though. So it won't matter much except for the satisfaction of getting a reward, unless you feel using the fallout 2 hintbook is a bit too much, then it can be quite handy.

    Eldridge the gun merchant will now go back and check on his dogs if they bark too much (as was originally planned). So pay attention when he starts moving and don't hang around if you don't want to get caught. Also his front door is now locked at night time.

    An extended way of getting to the Stables as a woman:

    Talk to Jules and pay him $75 to tell you about the Mordinos. Ask him all you can about Jet, ("factory?" and "maker?" questions) to find out about Myron, and that he receives prostitutes. Talk to Jagged Jimmy J next. Ask him where he gets his Jet, and more about Myron. You should then have an option to ask him about meeting Myron. Choose the one with "How do I meet this Living-God..?" Now you can ask Miss Kitty and volunteer to be the next girl sent to the Stables. You get 500xp for this, but I think you would get the same for finding the Stables anyway. Females can also get the experience for this even after getting experience for finding the Stables another way.

    xvi. Sierra Army Depot:

    If you contaminate SAD by extracting (dropping) a virus, this will now prevent the Wright family from gaining access. This means that they won't be able to take over New Reno with arms anymore (they can still do it peacefully though). If you want to bring Skynet with you, you have to extract the virus before you extract the brain, since the robot explodes after fetching the brain. After the virus has been dropped you only have a few minutes until the place is completely contaminated, but it's enough to assemble Skynet and get the hell out of there.

    The repair bay at Sierra Army depot now repairs hurt bots or replaces destroyed ones. This will occur on any level of the Sierra Army Depot.

    xvii. New California Republic:

    Ranger Safe Houses:

    There is a map on a table in the back room of the building where you meet the Rangers in NCR. 'Using' this map will put the locations of the 3 safe houses on your world map.

    1. Wipe out the Rangers' safe houses to the north, for Vortis the slaver.
    If you are a slaver, have a karma of less than -250 or if you have the cult of personality perk, you get this quest from Vortis when you deliver the Ranger's map to him. Travel to all the safe houses and take them out for a $1000. If you have speech over 80% you can ask for some assistance in taking them out (there's a speech roll here so sometimes you won't get any help). This is preferable since you are then transported automatically between the safe houses (even though Vortis men only seem to stick around for the first fight). If they are with you, you also get the option to double-cross them and side with the rangers. Vortis won't know and the rangers will stay alive until you decide otherwise, but this option is mostly for good guys with the cult of personality perk I guess.
    2. Wipe out the Slaver Camp to the north west, for the Rangers.

    You can learn the location from Metzger (speech 61%) or from one of his slaves after you've freed them. Both require that you have talked to Sulik and gotten the "Find Sulik's sister" quest first. You then have the choice of going directly to the camp to wipe it out, or going to NCR and tell the Rangers about it. You can persuade the Rangers to assist you if you need some extra help taking care of business. Either way you do it, report back to the Rangers for 800 XP.

    *Note: If you give the map to Vortis (to fulfill his quest), the Rangers at the safe houses will all be dead when you arrive (unless you start his second quest but don't finish it). It's possible to wipe out the Ranger safe houses first, before joining the Rangers and get their help in taking out Metzger's slave camp (possible bug?).
    You may encounter angry Rangers, even if you joined the Rangers, killed Vortis, and have otherwise been playing a good character.

    * It is now possible to enter the BOS bunker here, after you have delivered the vertibird plans to Matthew in San Francisco. There are a couple of lockers in there containing a brotherhood armor, a sniper rifle, some ammo and meds.

    An alternative way to assassinate Westin:

    You can now kill him in a little more subtle manner. To get this option you must first talk to Dr. Jubilee about heart pills and get him to mention something about "pecker pills". To do that, go to doc Jubilee's and look at his shelf first (open it) before you talk to him. You also get the option to talk about heart pills, if you manage to steal them or get caught trying to steal them. Don't get your hopes up trying to buy them from him, as it's just not possible.

    After that you can go to Reno and get the 'pecker pills' from Renesco for $200. If you question his price he will raise it to $300. When he has raised the price, you can convince him to make them for free if you remind him about the 'Wright affair' or say you helped him with Salvatore (depending on how you handled those quests of course). Don't mention Bishop, as if you do, he will no longer make the pills for you.

    Then all that is left is to go back to NCR and replace or put the fake pills in Dr. Jubilee's shelf. Westin will die in up to 14 days, depending on how long it is until his next medical pickup. Dr. Jubilee will let you know when that is if you ask if he's reconsidered selling the pills.

    Be sure to have finished everything on the ranch map before Westin dies, if you intend to go there, as afterward you will not be let in. Note that as of now you have to be in NCR (same map as Dr. Jubilee) on the day Westin is supposed to die or the day count will start over (bug).

    xxi: San Francisco:

    There is now a whole new step that needs to be done before you can set off with the tanker and go to the Oil Rig. The old, wrecked submarine that the Shi came with to San Francisco has had its automatic defense mechanism reactivated. That means that any ship moving in the area will be fired upon. Naturally that needs to be taken care of before you set sail with the tanker. If you haven't talked to anyone about this before, you will hear about the sub when you have made the tanker ready and choose the 'go' option on the Poseidon Network computer. It will warn you and won't let you continue.

    *None of this applies to dumb characters. I assume Matt from the brotherhood takes care of things together with the fuel and other stuff.

    To reach the sub you need to use the small boat moored on the opposite side of the tanker, but unfortunately it's guarded. There are three ways of getting on the boat, besides killing the guard.

    The Emperor:
    Log on to the emperor and check history on the submarine to learn more about it. Find out about maintenance crew and add yourself to the roster. Download passwords to your pipboy (1000xp). It's hidden under; Database, History, Submarine status, Stationary Defense structures.

    Lao Chou in Flying Dragon 8:
    He deals in information, but for him to answer, you need to know what questions to ask. The first one to ask is about your villagers (need to know of your tribes fate from Hakunin or the Emperor, or if you know you need to fix the tanker from the Captain, or if you checked the status on the Poseidon Network computer). To get him to actually talk about the submarine you need to do one of the following: Pass a speech check (91%) or have sex with him (female with CH 7 or the sex appeal trait). You can also pay $2000 or $1500 if you pass a barter roll (65% barter = 50% chance), or if you fail or say that is too much, you can offer some quality time with Miria (if you are married of course). To get the password you will have to pay. $10000 or $5000 with a successful barter roll (75% barter = 50 % chance). There is no way around this. If you already have the password from elsewhere you can no longer talk to him about the sub.

    The boat guard at the docks:
    If your speech is 96% then you can convince the boat guard to let you use the boat. He'll pretend you give him the password (1000xp). Again, you need to know of the fate of your tribe or that you need to fix the tanker to get this line. If you already have a password, you can't get him to let you have it without one.

    *Next to the boat is a depressed dockworker, Meng. You can listen to his sad tale and convince him to move on with his life (speech 81%) for 500xp. Before he goes you can learn a little about the submarine from him, but he can't get you to it.

    *There is a way to get the password from all three at the same time, though I'm sure it's a bug. First get it from the boat guard, then Lao Chou, and finally from the Emperor.

    -- Submarine --

    Once you've got the password from the Emperor or Lao Chou, you can talk to the boat guard and go to the sub as a technician (together with the maintenance crew). If you instead convinced the boat guard to let you go without having a password you'll be going there alone (sub is empty). If you kill the boat guard and steal the boat, your NPCs will come with you (this is the only time they do). Myron or Vic can be useful to bring. You get 500xp for reaching the sub.

    When you get there alone or with your NPCs, the hatch will be locked. You can unlock it (lockpick around 50%, keep trying until you are successful) or blow it off with an explosive. Electronic lockpicks does help here.

    Once inside you need to figure out how to disable the defense mechanism. There's several ways, but you can only pick one per game (there's no xp so there would be no point anyway). Oh, and tools, a crowbar or explosives can come in handy here.

    First room:
    In the upper left corner is an old power console that is in bad shape. It can be destroyed with a crowbar or by using the repair skill (roll, 90% repair = 50 % chance). If you came here with the maintenance crew a technician will be blocking your way. Either kill him or find another way to disable the sub.

    Second room:
    In the lower right corner you can find the old torpedo target control console. It can be disabled using science (101%) If you came with the crew there is a technician here. Talking to him with speech 81% or science 81% lets you try to trick him into disabling the submarine. You get one try with each skill.

    Torpedo room:
    You can disable the torpedo propulsion system (repair roll, 100% repair = 50 % chance). You can also use an explosive on it, but don't arm it first. Also you can only use it from your backpack (easy science roll). Watch out for subtech3 if not alone.

    There's also a torpedo arming and loading console here that can be disabled (repair roll, 100% repair = 50 % chance).

    If there is a technician in here, he will talk to you the minute you set foot inside the door. You will need to pass a speech or repair check for him to accept you, depending on what response you give. 70% repair or 70-75% speech should give you a 50% chance. If you fail he won't let you touch anything and will turn hostile if you try a few times. If he accepted you and you want to put explosives on a torpedo, you will have to pass a traps roll. Sneaking while doing it significantly increase your chances.

    Once you have disabled the sub you can leave the sub by using the ladder on the side of the submarine. Back on the docks you gain 1000xp.

    *A locker in the torpedo room contains a Command Chart that you can use on the Emperor. Go to Chinese Intelligence Network and you can read some personal logs. This is just for flavor, no experience gained.

    New quests:

    1. Investigate the whereabouts of Dr. Sheng.

    Doctor Sheng is a scientist who has studied sentient plants and done some strange experiments. He is thought to have gone crazy and has left on a sabbatical some time ago. To find him, log onto a Biology station terminal in the northern part of the Steele Palace, and read the recent personnel notes. After that you can ask Dr. Wong about Dr. Sheng and his whereabouts. He will mark the last known location on your pipboy.

    As you enter the abandoned building, you will be greeted by some strange humanoid creatures that wants to bring you to their master, Dr Sheng. He wants you to clear out his laboratory from aggressive plant-creatures for 200xp and $1000. You also get the location of the EPA if you didn't already have it and a second quest. Note that his creatures are pretty tough.

    If you refuse to do any of his quests (or meet with him in the first place), his creatures will attack you. And once you are done with all his quests you will have to fight him anyway. Also, you get negative karma for doing his last 2 quests.

    2. Bring Dr. Sheng some plant seeds.

    He wants you to go to the EPA and get some unique seeds and then he will give you something to deliver to the Shi. It's the experimental seeds that can be found in the green level of the EPA. Just use the terminal to get it from the seed bank. You get 1000xp for giving them to Dr. Sheng.

    3. Deliver the plant seed sample to Dr. Wong

    He wants you to deliver a not so nice gift to the Shi. Be sure to ask "why the change of heart", as that lets you warn Dr. Wong about the plant seed later, if you so wish. You get 200xp plus a superstim if you ask for a reward from Dr Wong (You don't get the superstim if you warn about the seed, xp is the same).

    4. Eliminate Dr. Wong without alerting the Shi.

    Dr. Sheng also wants you to get rid of Dr. Wong in a non-suspicious manner. If you ask to get something upfront he will give you some poison that you can use to kill Wong with. 1000xp for the assassination and a triple reward is promised, but Dr. Sheng will not honor that. Instead he will send his creatures after you.

    5. Eliminate Dr. Sheng.

    When you tell Dr. Wong about Dr. Sheng, he realizes Sheng must be stopped and offers you a reward (CAWS, sniper rifle and a minigun, or ammo and meds, or $5000). 1000xp when you get back to him.

    These are not actual quests and will not appear in the Pip-Boy, just a couple of extra things you can do:

    1. Torn pieces of paper with password in the Steel palace.

    There has been a slight change in how you access the computer terminals in the Steel Palace. Or rather, it has been changed to how it was initially planned. If you have over 110% science you have a chance to hack the terminal without anyone noticing. If you fail or if you "only" have 100%, you still have a chance to hack it, but the Shi will notice someone has been tampering with their systems (you will notice it by their floats changing a bit, nothing else happens). If you fail both science checks, the terminal you tried to hack will be locked down. It can still be hacked again, but can't be accessed with a password, so you will have to find another one for that.

    For a less scientific approach, there are three torn papers, that put together will form the three passwords you need for the consoles. They have been scattered around the place. There's one in the small kitchen area to the west, another one in the small bathroom behind it (just to the right of the toilet), and the last is in the upper corner of the sleeping area (where the beds are, duh).

    2. Find the missing biology corpse.
    When looking through one of the Shi Biology workstations, read about the Xeno program. You'll find out about a missing body, and that the Hubologists are suspected to have stolen it. The corpse can be found in an icebox in the far SE of the Hubologist map. Return it to Dr.Wong for 800xp or 500 in cash.
    3. Find the location of the Hubologist stash.

    If you can get in and search the files of the Hubologist mainframe computer, this location will be added to your map. You need science over 80% to have a chance to access the computer, and you can try as many times as you want. You really should have at least 100% though, as that's what is needed to access the finance information, where the location of the hub stash is given.

    When you arrive, a guard will ask you a question to prove you are a Hubologist. If you kill him, you can blow out the door with some dynamite (everyone inside will be hostile).

    There are three different questions he might ask:

    a. Who was the founder? = Dick Hubbel.

    b. The church believes everything is symbolized by? = A turning wheel.

    c. What is meant by Enlightenment? = A state achieved when the seeker has gained so much knowledge he becomes an integral part of the universe and leaves this earthly existence behind.

    After that he wants to know why you are here. To convince him everything is in order you have to pass a fairly hard speech roll (100% speech = 50 % chance), failing that you get a slightly easier speech roll (80% speech = 50 % chance). Pass and he will let you in, fail and he attacks.

    The treasure is all on the 1st and 3rd floors. On the third floor there is a guard, but you can tell him you are there to take over his shift and he will leave (speech roll, 70-80% should do it). (Talk to the robed guy on floor one so you have his name to bluff the guard with.) You can then loot the room in peace if you want. To open the three safes on the 3rd floor you need lockpick over 100% to have any kind of chance. Electronic lockpicks will reduce the requirement somewhat. Apparently they are explosion proof.
    (I never join the Hubologists, and since you don't receive any experience for finding this place, killing the guards is good for 350xp each.)

    This is a list of the loot that can be found here:

    First Floor:
    Combat armor (1)
    H&K P90c
    .223 pistol
    Tesla armor (1)
    Expanded lock pick set
    Super tool kit

    large cell (150)
    small cell (80)
    AP rocket (1)
    Leather armor mark II
    Scout manual (1)
    Dean's Electronics (1)
    Big book of Science (1)
    First Aid Book (1)
    Guns and Bullets (1)
    Mentats (3)
    Buffout (3)
    Rad-X (3)
    Stimpaks (2)
    Rad Away (2)
    Psycho (2)
    Each of the 3 safes contain:
    A Watch (1-2)
    Necklace (1-3)
    Old Coin (0-2)
    Expired GECK (only the right safe have this but it's useless)

    Note: The exact amount a safe contains is randomly chosen the first time you enter the map (1st floor).

    4. A couple of more things to do with the Hubologist computer:

    When you access the Hubologist mainframe, you now have two more options. First, if you got fuel to the Hubologist space ship earlier, instead of getting Dave Handy to redirect it to the tanker, you can now do it yourself from here (5000xp). Very useful in case Dave Handy or Badger won't cooperate with you or if you have killed them etc.
    The second thing you can do is to reformat the whole system for 100 xp. You will have to hack it first, 100% is needed for that. Of course this is not wise to do before you are absolutely sure you have done everything you want with the Hubologists. They will go hostile.

    xxii. Navarro:

    If you stowawayed on the vertibird from the desert transaction in New Reno you will end up here. The crewmen will find you when you reach the landing pad here and you get the option to jump out and fight or to surrender. If you surrender you will be taken to the base commander for questioning. You can answer some of his questions and ask some yourself but after that he'll try to kill you. Whatever you do there is no way out of it, you will have to fight.

    *Note that if you go here unprepared or too early into the game this is pretty much a suicide run. I would recommend being taken to the base commander as you start off alone with him, and you can escape a lot easier from there.

    xxiii: Enclave:
    by yautja187
    *added info from Darek

    1. Set off the nuke on the Presidential level.

    You must have the Presidential Access Key and the red keycard from a scientist on the reactor level (the one with the Enclave soldier right next to him). When you have both keys, use the control panel next to the bomb.

    * WARNING: There doesn't seem to be a way to successfully set the bomb, it always blows up in 5 seconds. Save your game before you mess with the nuke!

    "Bomb has been activated and will detonate in T-minus 5 min . . Error in countdown procedure. Countdown restarted at T-minus 5 seconds. Please make sure you are at least 80 miles from the blast area. Have a great day."

    xxiii: EPA:

    There's three ways of getting this location on your map. First is by recruiting Myron and then try to dump him, he will then tell you of this location. The second way is from a random traveler somewhere close to New Reno, and the third way is by doing a quest for Dr. Sheng (See the San Francisco section). You will need a rope here, so don't forget to bring one.

    When you arrive you will be greeted by a horde of spore plants spread out on most of the map. If you are alone you can easily cruise in between them, but if you have a party with you, they might want to run around and take them all out. It can be a pretty long fight.

    To the left of the entrance you will find a white shed containing some useful items like a can of plant spray. If you equip it and use it on a plant it will die instantly. If you run out you can find another can in the garage (storage shed) just north of the shed, but unless your lockpicking skill is high you will have to wait with it until later. In one of the lockers inside the white shed you can also find a big metal pole, you might want to grab it (you never know when one might come in handy). There's also several pieces of junk spread out on the map, feel free to grab one.

    *The locked storage shed contains a few odds and ends but nothing special except for one thing, if you have Dogmeat in your party and like to keep him alive that is. There are some cans of dog food there. Use the dog food on Dogmeat and he regains full health when injured. (I don't know whether it works like the first aid kit and disappears randomly after using it, or if it lasts forever.)

    When you enter the main building you will notice that the elevators are broken but luckily you can go down through the right elevator shaft. All you need is a bit of rope... Note that Skynet and all of the dogs cannot go down with you, but they will wait for you here until you come back. Oh, and there's a locker with some stimpaks on the left side of the main building and a computer giving you a little bit of information on all the levels of the EPA, otherwise nothing much of interest.

    Going down the elevator shaft will take you to EPA's Air, Water and Power Facility level. It's crawling with rats, mantis and small scorpions. There's a few of lockers here containing a super toolkit, an electronic lockpick and a couple of books. Going through here you might notice that one of the four power generators is not working properly, though you don't know quite why so you better leave it. On the northern wall there are three big vents, if you go close to the middle one you'll find out that it's just big enough to squeeze through. Only problem is that big spinning metal fan. Here's where that metal pole comes in handy, use it to jam the fan.

    The vent leads you to the maintenance level which has two working elevators, on to the north-west and one to the north-east. The only point's of interests here are a locker with a laser pistol and a depressed Mr Handy robot walking around.

    Here's the layout of the EPA sub-levels (shamelessly copied and modified from SoldierOfTruth):

    East Elevators with appropriate sub levels - Abbreviated by the letter E and followed by the number of the sub-level:

    E1 - Red Level , East Sub-level 1
    E2 -
    Violet Level , East Sub-level 2
    E3 -
    Green Level , East Sub-level 3

    West Elevators with appropriate sub levels - Abbreviated by the letter W and followed by the number of the sub-level:

    W1 - Orange level , West Sub-level 1
    W2 -
    Yellow level , West Sub-level 2
    W3 -
    Indigo level , West Sub-level 3

    There's also mention of a Blue Level , but it doesn't exist. Or does it?

    I suggest starting with the Orange level (conference rooms and cafeteria).

    To the west you see four holograms arguing with each other seemingly stuck in a loop and you can't talk to them. As you get closer you notice the humming from a magnetic field nearby that might be interfering with them. In the room to the left of them there are a couple of computers. Use the left one and run a diagnostics check, then use repair on it (over 40%) for 100xp. You can now talk to the holograms and get a few quests.

    1. Fix EPA lighting problem.

    You get this quest from the director of public relations (female holo), but first you have to try to open one of a few password protected doors, and ask her for the password. The closest door is the one to the room just south of her. You also need speech 81% (actually you only need 61% but then you will have to ask her twice). She wants you to repair the power generator located in EPA's Air, Water and Power Facility level. It's the left one of the four generators. With a repair skill bigger than 55% you'll learn that you need to fix it with a piece of junk (500xp). Return to her to get the password.

    * I suggest you do this quest first as several doors will be locked to you otherwise.

    2. Clear out the plant problem.

    Hologram 10031 is the man in charge of the ground maintenance but he's having trouble with controlling the robots and as a holo he can't do anything himself. He'll employ you as assistant groundskeeper and wants you to clear out all the spore plants on the top level. If you already did it earlier you can just tell him that. He gives you 500xp and the keys to his storage shed (the locked building on the top level).

    You may want to consider waiting with this quest until after you have gotten the "Test the Solar Scorcher for the Director of Science." quest.

    3. Fix the Voice Computer.

    The obnoxious power armor wearing hologram is the director of security for EPA. Talking to him reveals that he has no control over the robots as the voice computer is malfunctioning. If you fix it for him he'll grant you access to the security wing (Red level).

    The EPA Robot control computer is located in the Yellow level. It's the one that says "BEEP!" from time to time. You need to run a diagnostic check to determine what's wrong and then repair it (76%, or 56% when using a tool or a super tool kit) for 500xp. Returning to the director of security, you will get an access card that unlocks most doors on the Red level.

    *The fourth hologram (director of operations) is completely useless. There's nothing you can do with him.

    *In one of the fridges in the cafeteria section, you can find a bag of Pop Rocks, and there's a cooler with some Nuka-Cola. If you take them together (equip the Pop Rocks and use them on yourself, then do the same with the Nuka-Cola), you will get a funny sequence. It's best if you surround yourself with eventual NPCs. Saving before doing this is highly recommended.

    *To the North there is a room with some mutated fruit flies, it's full of chemicals and is highly toxic. It's recommended to wait going in there until you have proper protective gear as it can be quite deadly. Besides, there's nothing there.

    Yellow Level:

    This level is connected with the Violet level via a room full of chemicals that is very toxic. It is much better to enter that room from the Violet level than the Yellow, unless you are already wearing protective gear.

    4. Fix hologram 00000.

    The hologram here is the Director of Science. Speaking to him reveals a small problem, he only talks in binary. You need 100% science and In 6 to understand him. He says there is a problem with the tape reel close by him ( 81% to repair it, 51% if you use any kind of tool). But that's not enough, he also needs to be rebooted (talking to him with 100% science and intelligence 6 will make you able to understand what's wrong). 500xp is your reward.

    5. Test the Solar Scorcher for the Director of Science.

    *The Solar Scorcher is the same gun that could previously be found in the Guardian of forever encounter.

    After you have fixed the science director he wants you to test out an experimental weapon for him. It is stored in a locker next to the tape reel machine. The locker is locked until you get this quest and there is no way of opening it before that. Anyway, your mission is to go outside and shoot something and then come back and report it (500xp), and you get to keep the gun. Note, outside means outside, critters in the sub-levels don't count. Ideally you saved a spore plant on the surface level for target practice, if not you have to travel the wastes.

    Indigo Level:

    No quests here but there are a few things of interest.

    *In the room directly south of the elevator there is a beeping computer. It holds a few interesting notes, especially the ones on a cure for epilepsy. After you have gotten that info you can 'cure' the barking man in New Reno (100xp and 3 Stimpaks). If you push the "keep searching" option 22 times you will eventually find info on a Mass Fluoridation Project (200xp). With Luck 9 you can find the hidden message a little faster.

    *The room just below the computer holds three modified auto-doc machines. Using these will let you change your appearance. As a male you can go from normal hair, to long hair, to completely bald. You can even have that sex-change operation you've always dreamt about. Females can change between blonde, red head and the normal 'bucket head' brunette, plus the sex change. For now... but more hero models are in the works for both men and women, just hope they find their way to the RP when done.
    *Warning: The machines can be very dangerous! Saving prior to use is advisable.

    *In a room to the far left is a silver toaster sitting on a desk. Apparently his name is "Brave Little Toaster". You can have a little chat with him. It turns out he's desperate to make you a toast, as it's been a century since he last made any. But that's not why you are here. As everything else here he is in need of repairs (fairly easy repair roll, 450xp), and if you talk to him again you gain the ability to jinx slot machines. A handy little perk to have if you are in need of cash, as when you use it a slot machine will surrender all its money.

    Red Level:

    Most doors here are locked and needs to be opened with the key card you get from the director of security. In the room below the elevator is yet another broken hologram, which leads to...

    6. Fix the hologram that speaks with static.

    When you try to talk to him you can't understand anything because of too much static. You need to fix the machine that controls the holographic projection (red blinking machine). IN 5 to understand you need to fix him and 51% repair to actually fix the machine, or 21% if you use any kind of tool. Talk to him again to get the password for the elevator to Blue level. This is the only way to get into it. He can also explain what a few of the things you find in the EPA are. If you can't figure it out by yourself.

    *You can check out the museum here and even 'watch' a little flick, if that's your thing.

    *The old electric chair here is still operational. It can be turned on via the computer in the room above the elevator. Be careful to step too close to it while it's on as it can lead to an unexpected demise. If you are feeling a little bit evil or just want to have some fun I can recommend giving your least favorite NPC a little 'push'.

    *There are lots of lockers worth checking out here, be sure to not miss any.

    Violet Level:

    This level is pretty empty but this is where you find the elevator down to the Blue level. Also, in the small wall locker in the hallway to the contaminated area you will find a gas mask. If you equip it in your active item slot you will be protected from toxins and can enter the chemical areas safely (the one on this level is the only one you really need to enter). Note that this contaminated room could just as well have been covered in the Yellow level section, but since the gas mask can be found in this level it fits better here.

    *To the right of the big computer you can see two fans that are clogged up with goo. Clean them for 50xp each and the air becomes breathable (you no longer need the gas mask).

    *The big computer here is "Mr. Chemmie", the local candy man. Well, not really. But if you have the knowledge and the right ingredients, he can create almost any drug you want. He can make:

    Stimpaks - Broc flower, Xander root, Empty hypo
    Super stimpaks       - Stimpak, Fruit, Nuka-Cola
    Poison - Empty hypo, Scorpion tail, Nuka-Cola - Science 41%      
    Poison antidote - Scorpion tail, Booze - Science 46%
    First aid kit - Stimpak, empty hypo, Poison antidote, rad away - Science 56%
    Doctor's bag - Stimpak, empty hypo, Poison antidote, First aid kit       - Science 61%
    Buffout - First aid kit, Beer, Nuka-Cola - Science 71%
    Mentats - First aid kit, Fruit, Booze - Science 81%
    Psycho - Mentats, Buffout, Fruit, Stimpak - Science 86%
    Rad-X - First aid kit, Nuka-Cola - Science 86%
    Rad away - Nuka-Cola, Empty hypo, Stimpak - Science 91%
    Special options:
    Heart Pills - If you have Cassidy in your party and science 101%, you can make these. Using them on Cassidy will 'cure' his heart problem.
    Marijuana - Pre-war drug. CH +2, Lu +1, Pe -1 for 11 days, after 7 days you lose 1 more Pe. Science over 100% needed.
    ERSI - A substance vital to anyone just removed from a cryo-chamber. Need to know about it before you get the option to make it.
    *There are some books and drugs in the lockers.
    Green Level:

    Here you can find EPA's botanical garden and the spectacular petting zoo. The zoo could be seen as a bit controversial, as it holds humans too. Deformed and crazed from genetic experimentation.

    *There are no quests here, but there is one quest objective you can fulfill. On the east side there is a computer, the EPA's botany terminal. On it you can find a file on botany. If you have the quest from Brother Paul to find info on such things, you can download it to a holodisk and bring it to him. You can also extract some seeds from the seed storage tanks. They contain modified corn and some experimental seeds.

    *If you are up for it you can take a stroll in the lush trees and bushes of the garden. If you have some seeds you can even grow one yourself. The experimental seeds can be planted in the fertile ground in the south-west corner of the garden (100xp). If you come back three days later you will find a new random bush there (sometimes it's a spore plant).

    *You can plant the modified corn in Arroyo for 100xp, but it won't change anything for the village. It must be done before the fourth dream of course. The experimental seeds can be planted here too. I only managed to plant one package of seeds here even though there seems to be more fertile ground available for planting.

    *You can read up on the different critters on the computers near their cells and lower the force fields holding them in. They are all hostile though, so the best thing you can do is probably to put them out of their misery.

    Blue Level:

    This is the secret level of the EPA that officially is non-existent. You get down here by an elevator on the Violet level, but first you need the password that is given to you by a hologram on the Red level.

    When you get down here you will exit on a platform surrounded by a pack of wanamingos. If you paid attention to the hole in the wall in the wanamingo holding cell on the Green level, well, this is where they escaped to. If you stand around for too long they will walk through a hole in the fence and attack.

    The big force field that is blocking your way up ahead can be lowered by using repair on the computer to the right of it. You need a pretty high skill here, repair 100% will give you an overall chance of 20%. You can try however many times you like though. A well placed explosive in front of the computer can accomplish the same thing if you aren't skilled enough.

    Up the stairs you will find a room with three hibernation chambers. They all contain possible NPC recruits. The computer just inside the door has information on all of them and from here you can extract one of them. Whom it will be is up to you. When the computer warns that you need a can of ERSI, you can run up to Mr Chemmie to get one, or you can just ignore it and see what happens. Mr Chemmie cannot create the ERSI up until now, no matter what your skill.

    *Behind every hibernation chamber is a locker for each NPC. When you extract a NPC from the chamber his or her locker will also be unlocked. The other lockers will remain locked and there is no way for you to open them.

    *Do not miss to check out the footlocker in this room, it contains amongst other things a special syringe. When used you gain a permanent +1 AG.

    The New NPCs from EPA:


    Need charisma of at least 5, or CH 2 or more + speech higher than 80 % for her to join you. You only get one shot, if you fail she's gone for good. She is, well was a Chinese spy working for the Americans. If you ask her about her past you can eventually get her to teach you some of her skills. You gain +10% to your sneak, lockpick and steal skills.

    Her main skill is lockpicking, and as long as her skill is better than yours, she will help you with it (like Vic with repair). As for combat skills, she's best with unarmed, melee, small guns and throwing - in that order. She can use all weapons, but she's rather bad with energy and big guns. She starts out with 80 HP and ends up with 130 HP and her AP will always be the 9 she starts with.

    If you have left her out of your party and try to get her back while having CH 1, she will leave and disappear for good.

    Cat Jules:

    He used to be in the army, but was reassigned to guard duty at the EPA where he volunteered to some human/feline DNA experimentation. (He's basically a tribute to Cat, a character from the British Sci-Fi-comedy series "Red Dwarf".) If you ask he can give you some weapon training (+10% to small guns, Big Guns and Energy Weapons).

    Notable skills; Small Guns, Energy Weapons, Unarmed, melee and on his final level a passable Big Guns skill. He can use all weapons, though he's not very good at throwing. He starts out with 80 HP and ends up with 130 HP, and his AP starts at 8 and ends at 10 on his last level.

    Same as with Kitsune, if you ever have a CH of 1 when you try to recruit him or pick him up again, he will vanish from the game.


    A sociopathic killer and worse according to his files, innocent according to himself (He would say that wouldn't he?). If you play an evil character (negative karma) he will not pretend to be innocent. In fact, if you ask for his life's story, he'll tell you all about it. Good characters will never get to know, but maybe its better that way. He is easy to anger before you've recruited him, so pick your lines carefully or he'll go hostile. If you ask him if he can give you any tips, he'll teach you +15% speech and barter.

    His main skill is speech, but unfortunately he cannot help you with that in any way. He's also good with Melee and Unarmed. Small guns are OK and Energy Weapons and throwing skill are passable on his last level. Unfortunately the weapons he can use are limited to unarmed, knives, pistols and sub-machine guns. He starts out with 80 HP and ends up with 130 HP, and his AP will stay the 8 he starts with until his last level, when it when it changes to 9.

    *Female characters have the option to sleep with him before he is recruited. If you are good or neutral though (0 to positive karma), he will kill you afterward. So maybe not such a good idea.

    *Dex carries a pack of cigarettes. I thought I should mention it in case you haven't come across any before. Male characters can smoke if they also have a lighter in their inventory.

    xxv: Umbra Tribe:

    If Sulik is with you when you come here, he will effectively leave the party to stay and talk with his old friends. You will need to wait a day or 2 before talking to him and asking him to travel with you again. Don't leave any important inventory items with him unless you plan on trying to steal or buy them back.
    1. Find out what's haunting the tribe's shaman.
    You get this quest by just talking to the shaman. You need to talk (listen) to the spirit of the dead girl in the wilderness area to the South. She will be there at night time once you have started this quest. Back at the shaman's tent, talk to the shaman again and help him hold a ceremony that finishes this quest, for 500xp.
    2. Accompany Krom to meet with the trader.

    In the NE tent is Krom, the leader of the tribe's warriors. He is on his way to make a deal with a shady trader and wants your "worldly" guidance. You will accompany him and decide if he should make a deal or not. You can investigate the crate of merchandise before you make your decision. With a perception of 7 you can find out that the stimpaks are fake.

    So depending on how you make the trade this is what you get:

  • 600xp +20 karma for figuring out the stimpaks were fake and stop the deal.
  • 500xp + 15 karma if you make the deal.
  • 300xp + 15 karma if find out about the fake stimpaks and kill the trader.
  • 300xp if you kill the trader for no good reason.
  • *Female characters can have a little romance with Krom before they take on this mission (charisma 7).

    3. Fix the well for Marli and the tribe.

    The guy standing next to the well gives you this quest. You need a rope for this and there is none to be found around here, so be sure to bring one with you. Also pick up the nearby bucket. You need to first use the rope on the well and then use the bucket on it too. You get 400xp and $150 when you talk to him again.

    *If you are carrying a 10mm SMG when you report the fixed well to Marli, he will notice and ask to have it. You only get 50xp and a nuka cola if you give it to him, so unless you have a spare it's not really worth it. If he gets the SMG he will run off and won't be back until you have defeated the Enclave (in case you'd miss him).

    4. Sulik's sister is missing, find her.
    You get this quest from Sulik. Metzger, in the Den, will put the location of the Slaver's Camp on your map when you ask him about his business. (Speech 51% required). The slaves that you free from Metzger will also tell you where the camp is, in case your speech skill isn't good enough. Freeing Kurisu from the camp automatically takes you to the Umbra Tribe. How to free her is covered in the Slaver's Camp section.
    5. Find out what happened to the hunting party.
    You must complete the "Find out what is haunting the tribe's shaman" quest before you can do this one. I also had to wait a day or two before Krom the leader of the warriors would give me this quest. Talk to the guy guarding the cave and he will let you in. In there you have the choice of attacking the gecko or wait and see what happens. If you don't attack the gecko, the injured hunter will die and you will get no xp for the quest (you will also be unable to get quest nr.7). After you kill the Golden Gecko and listen to Serin's story, you need to help him out from the cave. If you are a good doctor you can heal his leg on the spot, or if you are strong you can carry him out (Sulik can also do it for you if he's in your party).Else you will have to leave him in the cave and go to get help. 600xp when you get back to the village map.
    6. Collect firewood for the tribe's fishermen.
    The woman in front of the tent in the fishermen's area will give you this quest. There are at least 4 piles of firewood in the wilderness south of the village. Bring her 3 of them for 200xp, or $75 and 125xp.
    7. Get medicinal plants for the shaman.

    After you rescue Serin, the injured hunter, you will appear in front of the shaman's tent. The shaman will thank you, then you can ask him if there is anything else you can do. He will tell you to bring him 5 Xander root and 3 Broc flowers. You get 100xp and some healing powder for giving them to him.

    xxvi: Abbey:

    Father Tully in New Reno will tell you about this place and put it on your map. He'll also give you quest 5 below. You can find it just by exploring if you want to get here earlier, but you won't get quest 5 until you talk to Tully.
    1. Kill the beast beneath the church.

    You must ask the head monk on the third floor about a GECK in order to get this quest. He will then send you to look for Brother Thomas and a missing book in the basement.

    In the basement are a few mutated rats, several Radscorpions, and a big tough Deathclaw you will need to fight through to find the body of Thomas, and the book. (for 500xp + kills) Get the book from the corpse of Thomas and take it to the head monk for 200xp. (or $250 and 0xp if you sell it to him.) Paul will then give you an access card for the computer. Be sure to have the book when you report back to the head monk. He will only ask you for it once. (You can get the access card and 50xp by killing the Deathclaw, but the book is useless to you.)

    * If you talk to the Abbot about the purpose of the order and pursue that dialog tree you can convince him to use some of their knowledge to help people for 200xp (speech over 90% required).

    2. Deliver the machine part to Brother Max.
    Elaine, the 'stout nun' on the second floor will give you this task. Max is in the copying room in the E section of the basement. To get there, look for the door on the ground behind the guy preaching in the large chapel area. Max will give you a scout manual and 100xp.
    3. Repair the water pump and report the status to the head monk.
    Talk to the head monk or Dave, the merchant, to find out the water pump needs to be fixed. After examining the pump and discovering it needs a motor (this gives you 100xp) talk to Dave again. He'll say you can find a motor at Harry's in Vault city (which will cost you $500). When you have the motor, you can talk to him again. He will ask if you want him to fix the pump (300xp) or if you want to do it (800xp). If you do it, use the motor on the pump first. You will then get a message saying that perhaps tools would help. Pliers or a super tool kit will work. (There are pliers on the bookcase closest to the door in Trader Bill's shop. A wrench does not work) Report back to the head monk for another 50xp.
    4. Find out who is digging up the graves.
    Samuel, the gravekeeper will give you this quest, along with a clue to solving it. Talk to the farmer, Mr. Peterson to the South. Wait until midnight and talk to the old man around the graveyard carrying a shovel. His name is Tom and he's so poor he has to steal food and rob graves for a living. Tell him to go ask Mr. Peterson for help, and get 1000xp. Talk to Tom again and he'll give you a lighter which could come in handy for quest 6.
    5. Inform Brother Thomas and father Tully about the whereabouts of each other.

    When you get back to New Reno, you receive 750xp experience for telling father Tully that Samuel was fine. You can get 500xp more for bringing him a bottle of Abbey wine, which can be obtained from one of the monks in the W side of the basement.

    6. Bring a lighter to brother Hank.
    Hank is the moonshiner in the W basement. Officer Darrow in VC Amenities "A" has a lighter for sale. One of Becky's male guards in the Den has one to steal also. Give it to Hank in the basement for 0xp. He will give you a free bottle of the Abbey wine for Father Tully.
    7. Collect information about botany for Brother Paul.
    Brother Paul (referred to as computer monk) is the man in a gray robe in the library on the second floor. You can get a quest to find info on botany from him (science 70%). You can find it on a computer in the EPA and copy it over to a holodisk. Once you have it, talk to Brother Paul again. He will tell you to upload the data to the main Abbey computer. If you have received the access card from him already, log on to the terminal and "add information" for 750xp. Else you have to do the "Kill the beast beneath the church." quest first to get it.
    8. Escort Brother Jason to Gecko:
    You can find Jason outside, between the church and the cemetery. He's a "tragic the gathering" addict. He is not happy at the Abbey and would want to leave. If you have been to Gecko you can offer to escort him there. (800xp and a stealth boy).
    9. Format the Abbey's book database:

    You can also get this from Brother Jason (but you can't do both this and quest 8). He's tired of the brothers ways and thinks erasing the database will force them to change. First you need to do quest 1 to gain access to the computers though. You get 500xp and -5 karma for this. Don't bother coming back to him as he will not give you any reward (he will "pretend" to be hostile so as to not reveal he had something to do with it.)

    *Brother John on the second floor has a bad heart. If you give him heart pills he will give you a Scout Handbook, or you can charge him $400. You can also pretend to sell them to him for 400$ but refuse to turn them over, after which he won't speak to you anymore. Neither choice affects karma or town reputation, and the other monks don't care what you do.

    *In the lower left corner of the abbey, you will find Jack the healer. As his title suggests, he can fix you up (no NPCs). If you ask him for medical supplies you'll get a paramedics bag and field medic kit, 8 Ch and 101% speech required. Low int characters can only drool, and if you keep it up, it will cause Jack to melt (literally). You earn 200 xp for this.

    *If you are playing with the NPC Armor Mod installed, you can obtain a metal armor for Marcus here. Talk to Trader Bill and ask him if he's found anything special, and he will offer to sell you the armor for $3000. Marcus has to be in your party though. You have to tell him to wear it while he has it in his inventory (via dialog, not the "wear best armor" button). With Marcus fully leveled and wearing the armor, his defense will be better than a combat armor, but not quite as good as a power armor.

    xxvii: Vault Village:

    1. Get weapons for Connar to be used at the nearby village.

    Connar asks you to help the village out by buying some guns for them to defend themselves, and gives you $5,000 upfront for it. He will tell you to find Joe near Cassidy's bar for help in obtaining the guns. Joe sends you to Happy Harry to buy them, and then you can return with the weapons for 800xp. If your speech skill is bad you will have to pay full prize for the weapons ($10,000), but at 50% you should have a good chance to break even. With 80% speech you should be able to get the guns for only $2000 (You have more than one chance to get the result you want, so keep trying until you're satisfied).
    After you have given the guns to Connar, Stark and his men will fail with their raid against Vault Village. You can then rat out Happy Harry to Stark (for selling guns) and he'll be sent to the detention center in the courtyard. As a reward you get to help yourself to whatever is in Harry's store.

    Talking to Joe can also reveal a better way to solve the problem. Joe will refer you to Councilman McClure, and also tell you some ghouls might be behind the problem. If you ask Connar about the rats he will tell you the same thing, and also give you one of the amulets if you want. Talk to McClure and tell him you think you can get rid of the mole rats by finding out who controls them. When you promise that, he will postpone Vault City's raid on the village with an extra month (so you've got a month + whatever time left of what Stark gave you).

    In the Gecko junkyard, find the hole in the back to the hidden home of the 'Brain' rat. The rat will tell you about repairing or optimizing the power plant, depending on what you have done there so far (If you've already done both you don't need to do any favors first).Help him out and you can get him to stop the mole rat attacks (500xp).

    When you return to McClure in Vault City to report that you've stopped the mole rat attacks, he'll agree to leave Vault Village alone. You will also complete the "Resolve the problem with the nearby village" quest for Vault City at the same time (1000xp + 15 karma).

    Return back to Connar for his eternal gratitude, 25 karma and also 1200xp.

    *If you have previously met Counsilman McClure when you first talk to Connar, you will have the option to suggest making a deal with McClure. This way has the same solution as the one just above, except you don't get any money. You don't get more xp either, so not a very good idea.

    *If you take the money from Connar but later decide to go with the McClure way instead you get to keep half the money. (Or all of it if you rather want to, but why would you want that?)

    *If you already happen to have the guns with you the first time you talk to Connar, you can give them to him straight away and get paid $5000 plus the same xp reward as otherwise. You can also try to squeeze out another $1000 from him (small speech roll).

    *When talking to old Joe, you can get a 10mm pistol by initially pretending you know him.

    2. Put the Village on a trade route.

    Note that you only get this quest if you solved the first village quest by negotiating with McClure. Also you need to let at least one month pass from the completion of the first quest before you can get this one.

    Connar's wife Ann tells you the village needs to be part of a trade route to support them. She wants you to convince trader Robert Baron to make this happen. There's a few ways to accomplish this. You can talk him into it (easy speech roll), pay him $500 (easy barter roll, $1000 if you fail), or use good old intimidation (strength 7, he turns hostile if you have less). If you are married you can offer Miria to sleep with him instead or if you play as a female character you can do it yourself (charisma 7). Back at the village you get 800xp ($100 + 400xp if you ask to get paid) if you talk to Ann again.

    xxviii: Slaver's Camp:

    This is Metzger's slave camp, where newly arrived slaves are usually kept. Sulik's sister Kurisu is one of them. You can get the direction to this location from Metzger or any of his slaves in the Den if you have freed them, but only if you have Sulik's quest to find his sister active (see the Umbra Tribe section).

    You can rescue Sulik's sister, Kurisu, in a peaceful way or just by killing everyone. To do it peacefully you can talk to the leader of the camp, Don, and convince him you're sent by Metzger to get his keys (2 speech rolls, 75% speech will give you a 50 % chance to make it). They go to a cell in the small shack to the north-east where Kurisu is being held. The shack is guarded by one man who will question you if he sees you (speech 51%, don't say the usual guy has the flu!), but you can just wait until he has walked around the back.

    You can also sneak straight into the shack without talking to anyone, but then you need 90% lockpick for a 50% chance of opening the cell.

    When you rescue Kurisu you get to choose if you want to sneak away with her to the Umbra Tribe or if you want to rescue all the slaves first, which means you have to kill all the slavers. To unlock the bigger slave pen use the keys from Don (if you didn't get them earlier you can pick them up from his dead body) or you can pick the lock yourself but it's rather hard. When you are ready to leave you will be taken to the Umbra Tribe automatically. Reuniting Sulik and Kurisu earns you 500xp and 1000xp for rescuing her.

    *Note that if you didn't kill the slavers they will be hostile the next time you show up at that location.

    *See the New California Republic section if you want the Rangers assistance in wiping out the camp.

    Random: Miscellaneous:

    Playing the Restoration Project mod, you will find there is a much higher probability of having encounters when crossing the Wastelands. Early in the game, this will be a real nuisance and often a nightmare, running into dangerous situations your character is not at all prepared to deal with. It was killap's intention to bring the game closer to what it was originally - you should be afraid of venturing into the wastes. Read those scout manuals, and put a few points into outdoorsman skill and you shouldn't have much trouble. (The encounter rate is dependent upon your computer however, and it can be adjusted. So, if it seems unbearable, check the wiki at Vault - Tec Labs for help changing it)

    Not only will you have more encounters, there are also many that never existed before. Robbers and raiders could always be certain death for low level parties, but a caravan fending off robbers can be a great opportunity. If you can keep your NPCs out of the fight, wait until the robbers start running out of ammo and then take them down. Some of the weapons you can pick up (for free, and still far away from any town where you could even buy them - if you could afford to,) will almost seem like cheating.

    Random: Kaga:

    The first time you meet Kaga is likely to happen shortly after leaving Arroyo and heading to Klamath (or there about). Mynoc, in Arroyo, can tell you even more information about Kaga if you ask him. Basically he was once Arroyos greatest warrior, but got bad influences from outside and became a wicked person. He cheated in the Temple of trials and got cast out of the tribe. He now carries a grudge...

    There are potentially 5 times you will be confronted by Kaga and his companions, and each time they are better equipped than the time before. He will attack you after a brief chat the first time, after that the moment he sees you. If he is hit too much he will try to escape, but his friends will stay on. If he's unconscious or for some other reason fails to escape and you kill him, you will naturally not get any more encounters with him.

    The 5 Kaga encounters occur as follows:

  • 1st encounter: Most likely to get this in the ocean - Arroyo - Klamath area, also the Klamath - Den trade route.
  • 2nd encounter: Player level greater than 4. Likely encountered in Bandits Pass and areas around Modoc.
  • 3rd encounter: Player level greater than 8. Most commonly found in areas patrolled by the Raiders.
  • 4th encounter: Player level greater than 12. Most likely found in the NCR area.
  • 5th encounter: Player level greater than 16. Found in areas around San Francisco and trade route to Redding.
  • *Kaga's escape is not always working correctly. Sometimes he will start to run away and then just stand still and do nothing, even if you shoot him. Once you end combat though he will disappear properly. So if this happens you will just have to decide if you want more encounters with him later and then leave him alone for the rest of the fight, or if you rather want him dead now.

    Random: A Traveler:

    The Traveler is sometimes worth stopping to talk to (the first few times). She never has anything to barter with, but I have had her give me the location of several places I would normally need to find out about from someone else, including EPA and the Military Base. She doesn't know the real names of the places though, so you have to ask about "an abandoned mine" and "an old research facility" to have her put the locations on your map.

    Random: Federation Shuttle:

    You can now find a phaser pistol here. This uses small energy cells, clip capacity = 12 shots, damage = 20-30, range = 25.

    Random: Guardian of Forever:

    The Solar Scorcher has been removed and can now be found at the EPA instead. See the EPA section if you need help obtaining it.

    Random: Vorpal Rat Cave:

    You may find this place after already encountering Arthur and the Knights searching for the Holy Hand Grenade.

    Here you will find the 5 nobles fighting with the seemingly invulnerable rat. Neither the rat nor knights seem to pay any attention to your party as long as you don't join the fight. This battle can take a long time, and end in different ways. The first time I had this encounter, the rat managed to kill all 5. It then came after me, and I somehow killed it with one targeted shot to the head with a Desert Eagle. (for 0xp.) The second time, all 5 knights were able to survive and eventually kill the rat.

    In either situation, you can use your action points during the battle to enter the cave and collect the Holy Hand Grenade. What interests me more is that they each carry $500 and over 100 large energy cells (depending upon how much ammo they have used in battle) which is nice to loot or steal.

    Random: Star Wars Easter Egg:

    A tribute to the creator(s) and contributors of/to the Restoration Project. It's only available after you have beaten the game (you will automatically get it shortly after leaving San Francisco).
    I suggest you run around and talk to all the people there. Some might give you little gifts, if nothing else.

  • Obi-Wan-Killap - Green Lightsaber, 36-76 damage. Only very good characters get this (Savior of the Damned, +1001 karma).
  • Emperor Timeslip - Red Lightsaber, 36-76 damage. Only very evil characters get this (Demon Spawn, -1001 karma).
  • Also, both good and evil players can get 10,000xp for learning the force. Ahem, I mean the source.
  • Hivan Zolo - Blaster, 30-40 damage, 3 AP, Min ST 3, Rng 24, ammo: 40 small energy cells (you need an energy weapon skill of 101% to get it though).

  • Contributors:

    killap, (of course)











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